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North Pole Network is conducted just a few days before Christmas Eve. Hospitals make every effort to send patients home for the holidays when medically possible, so those that are present when NPN visits are likely to have to remain. Many are receiving chemotherapy and other long-term treatments.

WA6OPS with Child 1

"Calling the North Pole! This is WA6OPS at Childrens Hospital in Orange County. Santa, we're in Room 123 by bed 2. Do you know who this young person is?"

WA6OPS with Child 2

"Ho, ho, ho! Merry Christmas Jason! How are your brother David and your pet turtle?"

WA6OPS with Child 3

"He knows me!" The most exciting moment of every NPN contact with Santa is when the patient realizes that Santa already knows him or her by name.

NPN Elf and Communications Team

It takes a dedicated behind-the-scenes crew to keep the North Pole link working and to pass along last-minute "elf" intelligence data northward.

K0IU hands out buttons

Each patient gets a button to wear after the contact with St. Nick. It states, "I Talked to Santa on Amateur Radio." We don't give out candy or other edibles because of patient dietary restrictions.

WA6OPS with Child 4

Even patients in isolation rooms for infection control can contact Santa. If the child is too young or too sick to talk, Santa just says a few words of love and encouragement.

WA6OPS with Adult 1

Everyone of every age enjoys a visit with Santa Claus. NPN also visits adult rehabilitation centers and long-term care facilities.

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